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The Queen's Tea Party  Extravaganza!


Step into Elegance

Sunday 30th June
from 1 pm
Cowane Trust 
Tickets include: Afternoon Tea/ Fayre entry 

👑✨ The Queen's Tea Party✨👑

​Prepare to be whisked away into a realm of refined indulgence as the Queen's Tea Party unfolds, promising an afternoon of unparalleled elegance, delightful treats, and the company of peers in a setting fit for royalty. stroll with us as we promenade to Stirling Castle and take a tour into the past. (11am)

🌸🍵 A Garden Soiree of Delights

Picture this: a meticulously manicured garden adorned with blossoms in full bloom, where the gentle fragrance of freshly brewed tea mingles with the soft rustle of leaves. As you step into this enchanting scene, you enter a world where every detail is designed to elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights.

🍰🥂 Savor the Finest Culinary Delights

Indulge your palate with an array of delectable delights meticulously crafted for the Queen's Tea Party. From exquisite finger sandwiches to freshly baked scones, adorned with clotted cream and preserves, and an array of heavenly desserts, every bite is a symphony of flavors curated to perfection. Raise your cup to a selection of the finest teas and beverages, each sip a moment of pure bliss.


🌹👗 Dress to Impress

The dress code? Nothing short of sophisticated elegance. This is your chance to showcase your most refined attire, donning dresses and suits that mirror the grace and style befitting such a regal affair. The Queen's Tea Party invites you to become part of a visual feast, where every guest is a testament to the beauty of timeless fashion.

🎶🌿 A Stroll Among Peers

As you sip on your tea and savor the exquisite flavors, take a leisurely stroll through the garden. Engage in conversations with peers, sharing laughter and creating memories in an atmosphere where camaraderie and connection are as essential as the impeccable tea service.

🎀🥄 Elegance in Every Detail

The tables are adorned with delicate linens, fine china, and the soft glow of ambient lighting. Soothing melodies caress your ears in the background, enhancing the overall atmosphere of sophistication. Each detail, from the carefully arranged floral centerpieces to the attentive service, contributes to an ambiance that transcends the ordinary.


👑💫 An Afternoon Fit for Royalty

This is not just a tea party; it's a royal affair that promises an afternoon of unparalleled elegance and sophistication. Bask in the luxurious surroundings, relish in the delightful flavors, and revel in the joy of shared moments with peers. The Queen's Tea Party is an experience that transports you to a world where time seems to stand still, allowing you to savor every exquisite moment.

📆🌺 Save the Date for Grace and Grandeur

Mark your calendar for the Queen's Tea Party, an event that beckons you to experience an afternoon of regal splendor. This is your invitation to indulge in the finer things in life, surrounded by the beauty of nature, the warmth of camaraderie, and the exquisite taste of the Queen's Tea Party. Join us for an afternoon that promises to be steeped in elegance and brimming with unforgettable moments.

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